Two Bananas Tale

Just two unusual bananas, spreading some whim.


the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

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I’m over falling in love. I want to hate and make people fall off ladders


SF. 2013


SF. 2013

No words

You did not speak to me with words

You did not communicate your love

and your loss of love

through your words

I think

that it was your eyes

It was your eyes

that spoke to me in a

secret language that

only you and I

could understand

to say 

"I love you"

It was also your eyes

that spoke to me

to say

"I do not love you"

"How was your day" has turned into "you’re a terrible person And you never make me happy"

If only
If only
The lines
That connect
My lips
And my eyes
Were a wonder
To the eye
If only
If only
You loved
A beauty
That was mine

When people see this
I am probably dead space
I am sorry
For taking up your space
I will disappear
And not make use of your space

copenhagen night by Esben Bøg on Flickr.

Symphonic. by Mr. Rogers1 on Flickr.